The new Samsung Galaxy S4


Recently I got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S4 and thought I should definitely write up a post on some of the awesome features it has. It’s a massive step up from my old Samsung Galaxy S2.

I was also interested to know that my old phone still had some value through Bounce Mobile, who are a cash for old mobile phone service.

But back to the S4.

The S4 has a much improved operating system including Google Now. If privacy is your thing, then you will probably hate Google Now, but I love it! It creates cards based on the information it finds out about you (mainly from your search history). E.g. I was looking up a friends dog washing service website on my laptop and 10 minutes later I noticed a card on Google Now showing I was only 37 minutes away from the dog washing business. It also tells me the time to and from work, the weather and other day to day stuff. Talk about a smart smart phone!

One other feature I have found (and love) is the alarm widget. It actually wakes me up with relevant information from my Google Calendar and my favourite sports news.

The internet speed is awesome, an upgrade from 3G to 4G. To start with I didn’t notice much difference, but it seems there is much more 4G coverage lately.

If you are a fan of Dropbox, then you will be impressed with the 48GB storage upgrade you will get with your new phone. Unfortunately it is only free for 2 years which is kind of sneaky way to get you hooked on to one of their plans.

The other WOW factor app of the Galaxy S4 is an app called WatchOn. It allows you to use your phone to change the channel of your television. Funny to do at your mates house … not so funny to do in the dying minutes of a football match at your local pub 🙁

Anyway, do yourself a favour and upgrade to the best phone on the market – the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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