Has internet marketing evolved into digital marketing?

ppcIn the past, a business would get their website up then look for a gun internet marketing genius (like myself) to get some traffic to the site.

Most web designers are completely useless when it comes to internet marketing. I hate it when I see design favored over functionality. Basic search engine optimization factors are often ignored completely!

But there has been a bit a bit of shift in the market over the last few years. With many web design & web development companies looking to offer their clients an ‘all in one’ solution.

Makes sense right? Why put in all the hard yards just to hand over all future marketing to another company?

digital marketingSavvy design agencies are now starting to re-brand themselves as a digital marketing agency to keep that extra slice of the pie. Offering new expanded services that include SEO, SEM and Social Media strategies to filter traffic through sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Internet Marketing, which is basically digital marketing without the design and development aspect has kind of been misunderstood in the past. Most people I talk to about it walk away with a more confused look on their face than they begin with.

There is so much more to internet marketing that can often be overlooked. People understand that getting traffic is great, but not all traffic can be good. The wrong kinds of traffic can leave your site with a poor bounce rate and low conversions.

So all that being said, I think there is still a place for internet marketers and digital marketers. Especially with new technology such as tablets & smart phones being available. Being a digital marketing expert is a more diverse field but one that embraces change rather than getting left behind.

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