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I had a client over today who is new to the whole website scene, looking to market a new product he has designed. It is a portable camping shower designed for Australians.

Of course he went out and purchased the domain name, but after talking to him further he was quite interested in my advice for additional domain names.

While many would argue that keyword domain names are not as potent since Google rolled out it’s “Exact match Domain” update. They are still much better at getting results than domains with out keywords.

What do your visitors type to find you?

Say you don’t yet have a website and only a vague guess at best on what people would search to find you. Luckily Google has a keyword tool that you can use to find data for your location. For my client we found that three search terms had around 3,600 local (Australian) searches per month. These three had obviously been bundled together by Google, deemed so similar that that they share the same data. These three search terms were:

  1. shower for camping
  2. camping shower
  3. shower camping

However, using another awesome Google tool, Google trends, we can break this data down even more. In fact it showed that “shower for camping” had actually a very low volume of searches in the last 12 months. Camping shower had the most, but not by much.

Google Trends data

Click image to enlarge.

My client was shocked just how many people actually search for “shower camping”. The reason this is so, is due to the way the search engine has evolved over the last few years.

Predictive searches have changed the way people search. No longer do people search for structured key phrases such as shower for camping they are typing before thinking!

The searcher knows they want a shower and types that in, but doesn’t see any instant results that have to do with camping, so they add that word and then are greeted with Google’s top 10 results for “shower camping”. It is worth noting that these 10 results vary slightly to the 10 results for “camping shower”.

What does this mean to you?

It means you can better place your website in the search engines by structuring your content and links to your website. For example, you could write up and article using those keywords in a sentence like “The words hot shower, camping and Australia are rarely used in the same sentence. However, with the innovative Oppi portable shower you can now go camping and have the luxury of a hot shower on the go“.

My client went ahead and purchased which I think will have a much more instant effect in the search engines over his brand name domain.

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