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Hi, my name is Jeremy Huggins. I am a web designer and search engine specialist from Melbourne, Australia.

Jezhug is kind of an online nickname I gave myself to separate myself from the other Jeremy Huggins online.

As my journey into search engine optimization and internet marketing progressed, I found that having a unique screen name made it possible to better monitor my results and fast track my skills.

Years ago a well known internet marketer had a competition which inspired me to try to become the number one ranked site for the search term “coolest guy on Google” using a free online blog.

Not only did I do this, I still hold high positions in the major search enginesĀ for that search term.

While it was not the most difficult task as anyone experienced in SEO would be able to tell you, it was kind of an impressive ice breaker in conversations. It led to quite a bit of paid jobs which allowed me to further improve my skills spanning over many different industries.

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last few years and having a hands on approach to my work has allowed me to evolve with it and stay ahead of the competition.

evolution of an internet marketer

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